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Yahoo Group

The Yahoo Group is available to members as a member benefit. By Joining Yahoo and getting a Yahoo ID you will be able to use the full features of the Yahoo Group “The Chronometer Club”. Yahoo membership is free but you need to register with Yahoo.

  • Sign up for individual emails and receive the postings as individual emails sent to your in-box.

  • Search the entire archive of postings over the history of the Club.

  • View the various files and images that have been uploaded by members.

  • Enjoy all the other features of the Yahoo Group.

As of November 1, 2014, Members must use the same address for the Chronometer Club membership and the Yahoo Egroup membership. When you register on the The Chronometer Club website, your User ID is your email address. This will also be the email address for the Yahoo Egroup. This is the email address where you will receive Yahoo Group individual emails. The Yahoo Group administrator (one of our Chronometer Club members) will check this address for accuracy. If you are not interested in the Yahoo Group, select "no" in your profile for receiving Yahoo E-group mail.

When you join The Chronometer Club as a new member, Please contact a Yahoo Group administrator (one of our Chronometer Club members) who can send an invitation to you. By accepting the invitation you will only be signed up for individual emails. If you do not join Yahoo and get an ID you will only be able to receive individual emails. You will not be able to log onto the Yahoo Group site itself. Please join Yahoo and get a Yahoo ID if you wish to use all of the features of the Yahoo Group.

Yahoo Group Administrators and Moderators:

President - Justin Shiver -

Past President - Tamara Houk -

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